What’s with the name?

Fifth grade. Mrs. Orten’s class. The teacher had two “clubs” posted on the blackboard – TC and WW. TC was “Talkers Club” and WW was “Waltzing Wanderers.” Beneath each acronym was a list of offenders. Occasionally, you’d find my name under TC but under WW? Let’s just say I was a chronic member.

Flash forward. I’m still antsy and perpetually curious. For the past 50 years I’ve lived within a mile of that fifth grade classroom but have had the opportunity to travel extensively, particularly with my husband Frank and our two boys, Nick and Andy. In turn, the boys have boldly gone off on their own adventures, those of which they can write about on their own blogs(!).

So they’re grown and onto their careers. We downsized our belongings, sold our home in suburbia and rented an apartment in downtown Milwaukee. It’s great being able to walk everywhere – to restaurants, church, the grocery store. I love the diversity of the people, the downtown “vibe” and the never ending number of activities, but… Yes, there’s a but.

But, I want to see what else is out there. But, I want to explore some places we haven’t been. But, I want to stay long enough to really experience a place. (Not to mention the “but” I hate Milwaukee’s dreadful winters!)

And we have this window. Frank is feeling 10 years younger after a successful kidney transplant 3-1/2 years ago. Mom and Dad are healthy. The kids are doing great with no one getting married, graduating, having babies, etc. And, not having the responsibility of a house any more, we can pay rent anywhere we want! So that’s what we’re going to do. We are putting our belongings in storage, our lease is up in a month and we will begin our great adventure! We will be gypsies or to put it more elegantly, Waltzing Wanderers.


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