Waltzing Wanderers

Welcome to Waltzing Wanderers! People often ask us how we could give up all our “stuff.” It’s definitely a trade-off but we wouldn’t give it up for the world — which is exactly what we traded it for!

Thank you for joining us and may you be inspired to have many wonderful adventures of your own!

Use the links above to navigate directly to a particular country or area
or you can follow us chronologically by “chapters”
Please click Waltzing Wanderers to experience our journey chronologically from the very beginning,
starting with how and why we decided to do this (2014-2017)
Venturesome Vagabonds Waltzing Wanderers 2 (May-Nov 2017) 
Traipsing Troubadours
 Waltzing Wanderers 3 (Dec 2017-June 2018)
Waltzing Wanderers Part 4 July 2018 until Covid 2020-21
We haven’t returned to full-on wandering yet but take a peek at a few smaller trips in Waltzing Wanderers 5.
As we plan and pack, look forward to future posts on some “pre-blog” destinations, including China.
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You can also follow us on Instagram. Look for @WaltzingWanderers

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