Fiji, continued

OK, I take back some of what I said about resorts. This is heavenly. Fiji IS a wonderful place to relax as you cross the Pacific. It’s very affordable and features everything you’d want in an island paradise — sunshine, palm trees, ocean breezes and gentle surf. I have seen better beaches but those on the other islands might be nicer. Frank and I were more than content with the pools and our seaside lawn chairs.

The best feature of Fiji is its locals. Those who worked at the resort and the few we met outside it (our cab driver and cafe workers in the marina area) were so kind and extremely helpful. They were engaging and really appreciative of the few extra dollars Frank would slip them. Our favorite waiter, Net, actually gathered his co-workers during our final breakfast and they sang to us!


“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag

So where would you live if you could live anywhere?

A few years back, Frank read an article in the Wall Street Journal about acouple who lived in different places around the world for a month at a time. Other than traveling from country to country, much of the living costs like rent and food were fixed and comparable to what they were paying at home. It sounded pretty exciting. We set aside the article for “someday.”

Well, “someday” has arrived and we are in the midst of planning for our big adventure. First, order of business — where do we go? We each have a wide-ranging “bucket list” of places we wanted to see so we began to whittle them down by setting some parameters:

  1. Places with warm weather = lighter suitcases
  2. Good public transportation options
  3. English speaking (at least for the inaugural leg of the trip)
  4. Good healthcare (as Frank needs monthly blood tests)
  5. Somewhere we’ve never been but always wanted to go

The verdict? We will begin with months in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa after a brief visit with Nick in LA. We decided to bypass the direct flight to Melbourne in favor of a 3-day layover in Fiji. Why? Because Frank always wanted to say he’d been to Fiji!